Quality suspension parts and kits give you the peace of mind you want when you’re driving your truck.

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We sell and install only the most advanced and long-lasting suspension lifts, lowering and leveling kits.


For your truck, we know that performance means everything.

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Let us help you get your truck or SUV running in top form with engine and transmission performance upgrades.

Tire & Wheel

Your tires are your only point of contact with the road. No matter how powerful your engine, your truck is only as good as the wheels it rests on.

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We carry all the best aftermarket tire and wheel products.

Jeep & Truck Upgrades

We know you don’t just want performance from your truck; you want style.

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That’s why we stock an incredible array of jeep & truck upgrades, including running boards, panel covers, and much more.

The Truck Shop offers a variety of services.

The first incarnation of The Truck Shop was only a supplier of parts. These days, we do nearly everything when it comes to trucks except sell them! Whether you need engine performance upgrades, accent lighting, or wheel mounting and balancing, we do it all. We sell parts, install them, and do custom fabrication and maintenance work on your truck. Let The Truck Shop put your truck into top gear with the highest quality parts and services in the aftermarket truck, SUV, and off-road industry.


Suspension & Lifts

Your truck is an amazing machine, with an astounding amount of power under the hood. But none of that will matter if your suspension can’t keep it level and safe at all times. Our high quality suspension parts and accessories will make every ride smooth and relaxing, while our lift kits keep you high above the ground.

Suspension Lifts

When you’re going off-road, you want the best suspension lift kit for a great price. The Truck Shop has got you covered. We carry suspension lifts of all types, including kits for off-roading, large tires, and style kits. Give your truck an aggressive style and top-notch off road performance with suspension lifts.

Lowering & Leveling Kits

While not quite as popular as suspension lifts, lowering and leveling kits are just as important in many cases. Lowering kits are used to get improved handling on asphalt, in addition to a sleek and defined look. Leveling kits are often necessary on a vehicle with an uneven stance, or when you want to install different tire sizes.

Engine & Transmission Performance

The Truck Shop carries and installs all the engine and transmission performance kits and accessories you could ever possibly need. From complete exhaust upgrades to engine performance kits, we do it all. Don’t leave your truck’s most delicate part to amateurs; our truck experts have years of experience in upgrading engines to their highest potential.

Complete Exhaust Upgrades

Your truck’s exhaust system is often the first thing people will notice when they hear you coming down the street. An exhaust upgrade can help you get more power out of your truck, whether you’re looking for increased torque or more speed.The Truck Shop carries an exhaustive list of upgrades for you to choose from.

Super Chargers / Turbo Chargers

Superchargers and turbochargers are how you get true power for your truck. We sell and install a wide selection of superchargers and turbochargers, for when you want to add reckless amounts of horsepower to your ride. You’ll never look at your truck the same way again!

Engine Performance / Swaps

We know how important performance is to our customers. That’s why we supply and install engine performance parts of all kinds, from intake manifolds to complete engines. We also perform engine swaps, so don’t hesitate to ask about dropping in that new V8.

Expert In-house Re-Gearing & Lockers

If you’re thinking of taking your truck off-road, it’s a good idea to have a re-gearing done and lockers installed. At The Truck Shop, we perform expert in-house re-gearing and locker installation. Don’t take your truck off-road without the proper setup; let the professionals do it the right way.

Diesel Performance

For your diesel truck, you want only the best quality diesel performance parts. We carry the top brands that experts and enthusiasts alike rely on. A diesel truck is a machine in delicate balance; don’t upset that balance with inferior quality parts and amateur installations. Come to The Truck Shop and get it done right.

Tire & Wheel Performance

Make your tires one of the most impressive and durable parts of your truck with tire and wheel performance parts and upgrades from The Truck Shop. We install custom aftermarket wheels and tires, performance brake upgrades, and do in-house alignments, tire mounts, and balancing. We know how to get your tires in peak performance mode.

Custom Aftermarket Wheels & Tires

You want your wheels and tires to be in harmony, which is why we carry the highest quality tires, rims and wheels for every type of truck and SUV. The Truck Shop knows that your tires are the only point of contact with the road, and your wheels are what support your tires. So make sure you have the best of each before you push your truck to its performance limits.

2000 ford excursion custom 22 inch mkw wheels

State-of-the-art Wheel / Tire Mounting & Balancing

Let the experts at The Truck Shop mount and balance your new tires and wheels. We have years of experience in making sure that your wheels and tires are perfectly balanced. Going off-road with improperly balanced tires can result in damage to your truck, so trust the experts at The Truck Shop.

Performance Brake Upgrades

The Truck Shop has the performance brake upgrades and parts for your truck to make your truck perform miles better than stock parts. Whether you want brake parts for street driving or off-roading, The Truck Shop will sell and install the best brake upgrades in the industry.

In-House Expert Alignment

We do in-house alignments for your truck or SUV, by our truck experts with years of experience in every aspect of truck maintenance and alignment. You don’t want to take your truck off road or on the street with an incorrect alignment; let The Truck Shop properly align your truck.

Jeep & Truck Upgrades

Your truck is more than a way to get from point A to point B; it’s a statement that expresses your sense of style. The Truck Shop carries a wide array of body upgrades for you to choose from, including Accent Lighting, Shock and Sway Bars, and Helper Springs.

Accent Lighting

One of our most popular body upgrades that we sell is accent lighting. Light up nearly any part of your truck with LEDs and halogen lights to give your car a real sense of style and make it stand out from the crowd.

Shock & Sway Bar Upgrades

Shock and Sway Bars do more than give your truck a sense of style; they prevent your truck from rolling over, reduce load on the suspension, and reduce body roll. Keep your truck safe when off-road with shock and sway bar upgrades from The Truck Shop.

Helper Springs & Air Bags

Helper springs will help to increase your truck’s load capacity, and help keep your truck level when you have it loaded with cargo. We also carry air bags to keep you safe inside your tuck. Keep your truck’s cargo safe, including its most precious cargo; you and your passengers.

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